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Of a Fruity Flavor Apples Preserves Pies

The same source also recorded sixty-two varieties of pears and seventy-seven types of apples, and these two fruits, which were not native to North America (except for crabapples), had long been the most popular in Britain. The literal meaning of the Anglo-Saxon word for orchard was appletree enclosure, and in medieval and Renaissance literary sources, apples and pears were the fruits most frequently mentioned. To assist in evoking the lusty vitality of the female protagonist of his ''Miller's Tale,'' for example, Geoffrey Chaucer likened the sweetness of her breath to that of a ''hoord of apples laid in hay or heeth.'' At the festive climax of William Shakespeare's Love's Labour's Lost, winter was epitomized as a time ''when roasted crabs crabapples hiss in the bowl,'' creating an island of warmth and cheer within the rustic cottage against the hanging icicles and blowing wind without it.9 Although there was an element of denial in the first settlers' perceptions of Indian uses of...

The Role of the Thyroid

I use the therapeutic trial to treat thyroid problems. I start patients with a very low dose of a prescription thyroid hormone replacement and build up gradually and very carefully. In most cases, when we reach the right dose, patients start to feel dramatically better, with a much better overall sense of well-being and increased energy and vitality. Best of all, they start to lose weight

Vitamins these wonderful substances

The history of the name is long and complicated. Casimir Funk, who invented the term in 1912, is not a great man in the annals of vitamin research - if he is mentioned at all, it is in a fairly derogatory manner.11 The name of the new wonder was problematic and came under much discussion. In 1921, for example, a Norwegian vitamin researcher wrote the word vitamin is now unconsciously associated with the perception of something mystical, in a chemical sense unresolved (Poulsson, 1923, p. 16). Poulsson was only waiting for the day when vitamins would be given more direct chemical names. Only then, he believed, would vitamins be pulled out from under their veil. But in spite of much resistance, the name had come to stay. It had actually staked its claim in the civilised world , to quote a passage from The Adventure of Vitamins. Along with this name, vitamins also retained some of their enigmatic nature. Vitamins, these most wonderful substances , which could instantly make a person who...


A Taste of Vitality A Taste of Vitality - (2) A Taste of Vitality - (4) *** A Taste of Vitality Nutrient-Dense Cooking *** This cookbook (and others by the VCG such as Desserts of Vitality which includes many more desserts) can be found on the internet at http A Taste of Vitality Nutrient-Dense Cooking

O Notesglossaries

- This cookbook is titled A Taste of Vitality because the focus of the book is on foods which provide the body fuel for creating and maintaining an active life style. By focusing on strong foods, your body is provided with the needed protein, carbohydrates, fats, nutrients, vitamins, mineral, phytochemicals, isoflavones, essential fatty acids, and anti-oxidants it needs to be energetic (especially energy-enhancing vitamins and mineral such as magnesium, zinc, and vitamin B6). Pure water is also important. Weak foods and foods to which a person is allergic can drain energy. Weak foods are discussed below. The most common food allergies are citrus, wheat, corn, milk, soy, dairy products, yeast, and eggs.

Preserved Lemons

URL http A Taste of Vitality - 64 Ideas of what to do with the left-over soaking liquid i) it can be diluted a bit, heated, and then make into a sorbet 2) it can be diluted if necessary, blended with pine nuts to make an ice cream sherbet (see some of the frozen dessert recipes in the cookbook Desserts for Vitality ) 3) it can be used in cooking grain dishes or making sauces.

Further reading

Dry gluten is obtained by washing out the starch from a wheat flour dough (McDermott, 1986). The rubbery mass left is known as gluten which is then carefully dried using controlled procedures which are designed to retain the maximum 'vitality' of the gluten, i.e. its ability to form gluten after hydration and dough mixing. Typically the protein content of the dry gluten will be in the region of 70-75 dry matter. Dry gluten absorbs about 1.5 times its own weight of water when it is used in breadmaking. The addition of dry gluten may be used to boost the level of the natural flour protein to improve the gas retention properties of the dough. It may be added to the flour in the mill or it may be added as a dry ingredient in the bakery. Dry gluten does not usually require pre-hydration before dough mixing.


One of the most important qi tonics in traditional Chinese medicine, astragalus is taken to enhance vitality and increase energy. It has potent immune-boosting properties, so it may be prescribed to build resistance against infections as well as for more serious problems, such as helping the body's defenses cope with the trauma of chemo- and radiotherapy. Herbalists also prescribe astragalus for a wide range of other conditions, including liver and kidney dysfunction, heart problems and for aiding recovery from blood loss (especially after childbirth).


Astragalus is one of the most important energy tonics in traditional Chinese medicine. It is used to help increase the vitality of patients who are debilitated, and is specifically indicated for cases of fatigue accompanied by poor appetite. Astragalus is particularly useful if you are constantly feeling run-down as well as tired, since it also supports the immune system, helping the body to fight off infections, such as colds and flu.

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