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An ancient tradition with spiritual roots

Since then, Chinese scholars have continued to document this complex and sophisticated method of healing, and traditional Chinese medicine continues to thrive today in mainland China, in other Chinese communities throughout Asia, and increasingly in the Western world. The philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has its basis in the spiritual practice of Taoism (sometimes spelt Daoism), which teaches that human beings should strive to live in accordance with the rules of nature and emphasise the importance of balance and harmony. In keeping with the Tao teachings, the goal of all healing in TCM is to restore internal harmony. to a state of balance in order to bring about healing is not unique to TCM - in fact, it is also central to the philosophies of Western herbalism and Ayurveda. But the methods used to achieve this aim in TCM are unique, and the concepts and practices involved can be quite difficult for Westerners to grasp, especially as they encompass not only herbal...

Functional properties

Ginger is much used in traditional Indian (Ayurveda) and Chinese medicine (Sivarajan and Balachandran, 1994). Recent research has supported its functional value in the following areas Ginger checks cholesterol biosynthesis and thereby inhibits hypercholesterolema (Tanabe et al., 1993). Its role in Chinese herbal medicine in controlling obesity has also been investigated (Wijaya and Wu, 1995).

Have a Heart

Yet when a patient presents with coronary heart disease, the remedy offered by the medical community at large is overwhelmingly either coronary bypass surgery, or angioplasty combined with cholesterol-lowering drugs. This is because Western medicine continues to be more focused on treating the symptoms rather than the cause. Therefore, generally a surgeon is called in to reroute the veins around the blockage (bypass surgery) or inflate a balloon inside the offending arteries (angioplasty) in order to clear the blockage. And what is the composition of the blockage The lab results always come back with the same analysis cholesterol and saturated fat.

Dn graph is

Andrographis features in the traditional medicine of China, Thailand, India and Korea. An extremely bitter herb, it is used as a digestive tonic in Ayurvedic medicine, while in traditional Chinese medicine, its cooling properties mean that it is indicated for dispelling heat and treating infections and toxins. Andrographis also has immune-stimulating properties, and is used to help prevent colds and flu and to treat their symptoms.


One of the most important qi tonics in traditional Chinese medicine, astragalus is taken to enhance vitality and increase energy. It has potent immune-boosting properties, so it may be prescribed to build resistance against infections as well as for more serious problems, such as helping the body's defenses cope with the trauma of chemo- and radiotherapy. Herbalists also prescribe astragalus for a wide range of other conditions, including liver and kidney dysfunction, heart problems and for aiding recovery from blood loss (especially after childbirth).

Korean ginseng

In traditional Chinese medicine, Korean ginseng is regarded as the most important herbal medicine for men, and ginseng roots with a shape resembling a man's body are highly prized. Its traditional indications include replenishing vital energy (referred to in Chinese as qi), helping the body and mind to cope with stress, and as a tonic to promote general health and longevity. Ginseng is also widely used to enhance men's sexual performance, and has been shown in a few clinical trials to have a beneficial


In traditional Chinese medicine, the herb astragalus is attributed with warming properties and is regarded as a lung tonic. It is indicated for patients with longstanding illnesses and for those who are susceptible to recurrent infection, and appears to improve the functioning of the immune system so that the body can better defend itself against pathogens -especially viruses. Astragalus is a good herb to try if you're run-down and tired and repeatedly catch colds or flu since, in addition to its immune-boosting properties, it is also traditionally used to raise overall vitality and energy. 0 DOS VCI- Boil 3 to 10 g dried astragalus root in 3 4 cup (180 ml) water for 10 minutes before straining drink the decoction in 2 doses during the day. Alternatively, take tablets or capsules according to the manufacturer's instructions, up to a maximum dose of 7.5 g dried root per day.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine

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