How you prepare a potato determines how fattening it is Take a look

Baked: This is the worst way of eating a potato, from the glycemic-index perspective. The process of baking it renders the starches most easily accessible to your digestive system.

Believe it or not, that baked potato will be less fattening topped with a dollop of low-fat cheese or sour cream. The calorie count will be slightly higher, but the fat contained in the cheese or sour cream will slow down the digestive process, thereby lessening the amount of insulin that potato prompts your body to make.

Mashed or broiled: This is better than baked, due to the difference in the cooking process, but also because you'd probably eat them with a little butter or sour cream, and the fat slows the digestive process.

Fried: Even French fries are better than baked, believe it or not, because of the fat in which they're cooked. But don't be misled-none of these are good choices for someone on the South Beach Diet.

Potato type: The type of potato you eat is also a big factor in all of this. Red-skinned potatoes are highest in carbs. White-skinned are better. New potatoes, better yet-in every vegetable or fruit, the younger when picked, the lower the carb count. If you must indulge, do so sparingly. And try sweet potatoes instead of white.

Supplements For Diabetics

Supplements For Diabetics

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