Training Saffron Planting In Greenhouse

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This saffron planting guide is designed and guaranteed to quickly help you cultivate saffron anywhere in the world and make a huge profit from it.

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Training Saffron Planting In Greenhouse

About The Ebook

The cultivation of saffron in greenhouses is practical in all parts of the world. With this eBook, you can easily create saffron anywhere in the world. In case you don’t know anything about saffron or its importance, here are some of its uses and benefits:

  • Pharmaceutical Uses: Because of its bitter content, saffron makes digestion easy. Recent research has shown that active materials in saffron such as Crocin, Crocetin, and other kinds of Carotenoid can decrease the state of tissues, prevent cancer, decrease the fat of blood serum, prevent hypolipemic diseases, increase oxidation of the tissues and prevent disorders like Alzheimer and Parkinson significantly. Saffron is used as a treatment for a wide range of physical disorders such as snivel, indigestion, jaundice, hepatitis spasm, and diabetes. It can also be used as an appetizer, rejuvenator, and stomach stimulant.
  • Nutritional Uses: According to the law of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), saffron is allowed as a natural pigment and it is not limited as a natural flavor and odor. It is used in producing foods such as sausage and margarine- butter, cheese, and dairy industry- cake, dessert, jelly, and soda- chocolate and drinks- soup, rice, and chicken.
  • Industrial Uses: Saffron is used for coloring silk and cotton. Some analyzed chemical compounds of the saffron plant include:
  1. Carbohydrate: Revitalizing sugar cubes contains 20% of saffron weight such as glucose and mesocenthia and glycoside.
  2. Minerals: Contains K2O, NA2O-P2O2-CL2
  3. Vitamins: Like vitamin B1 and riboflavin B2
  4. Fat: Like stoicemasterol, capatasterol
  5. Pigments: Includes fat-soluble carotenoids such as leucine a-carotene and b-carotene, and water-soluble carotenoids such as crocin and anthocyanin. Crocin is the main agent of the yellow color of saffron, with the formula C44 H64 O24. The percentage of this material varies between 0.9% and 15% during flowering.

This eBook will instruct you, step by step, on how to cultivate saffron with a modern greenhouse method, in all parts of the world. Here is the step-by-step guide found in this eBook:

  • Step 1: Making or preparing a greenhouse
  • Step 2: Preparation of the environment inside the greenhouse
  • Step 3: Greenhouse facilities
  • Step 4: Preparation of Saffron bulb
  • Step 5: Aeration
  • Step 6: Silver the bulbs
  • Step 7: Stack storage
  • Step 8: The end of storage and starting the greenhouse
  • Step 9: Transfer the bulbs to the greenhouse
  • Step 10: Plant germination
  • Step 11: Flowering bulbs
  • Step 12: Return the bulbs to the ground
  • Step 13: Land irrigation
  • Step 14: Foliar application
  • Step 15: Stopping the growth of saffron bulbs and digging them out from the ground.

Benefits Of The Ebook

This Ebook gives you a simple and step-by-step tutorial to help you cultivate saffron easily anywhere in the world and make a huge profit from this plant. This eBook will show you some of the benefits of growing saffron, including:

  • They could be cultivated throughout the world
  • They are applicable in small areas
  • They have low costs
  • You buy equipment and bulbs just once and you use the same bulbs in the following years
  • Low water intake
  • Controlling atmospheric conditions that have a negative and destructive effect on flowering and plant life
  • Easy harvesting of saffron flowers
  • The production of a high-quality product in terms of the appearance of the product (the length of the strand of the stigma and the larger Qalam), as well as the quality of color, flavor, and aroma, is influenced by the three factors of pyroxin-choropyroxin and safranal.
  • High profitability

Product Format

This eBook comes in a PDF format. It has 91 pages and file size of 7MB. Once you make a payment, you'll be given access to download the EBook. 

Whom It's For

This eBook was written for people who want to easily cultivate saffron anywhere in the world and make a huge profit from it.

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Users can get a 100 percent money-back policy if the product does not work.
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