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This is a 7 pounds in 7 days formula specifically designed for the metabolism and hormones of people in their 40s, 50s, and 60s to lose up to one pound each day.

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Over 40 Keto Solution

Although inevitable, growing older can be a triple whammy: hormones decline, you begin losing muscle, and your body burns fewer calories each day even if you stay active. Consequently, there is unrelenting fat storage on your belly, backside, hips, and love handles. This article introduces the world's most popular rapid fat loss diet to you- today's hottest trend on a diet- the ultra-low ketogenic diet. This dieting program is spreading like wildfire among every age category because of its well-known amazing anti-ageing benefits that can help you reverse the side-effects you hate about ageing. The Over 4o Keto Solution:

  • Quickly melts stubborn fat cells.
  • Cools down inflammation
  • Increases ""good"" cholesterol
  • Erases sugar cravings
  • Balances blood sugar
  • Boosts brain health

Most importantly, this program shields your body from today's life-threatening diseases. According to many experts, this solution is good for skin and cellular health in that it can literally reverse the ageing process, helping any person look and feel years younger. The groundbreaking research studies now confirm that if you are in your 40s, 50s, or 60s, the Conventional Low-carb ketogenic diet causes rapid hormonal decline, leading to a "metabolic slowdown" condition.

What is Keto Diet?

Traditionally, the keto diet worked by forcing your body into a fat-burning state referred to as "ketosis." This effect is achieved by eliminating 95 per cent of all carbohydrates and replacing them with 70-75 per cent fatty foods like butter, bacon, eggs, cheese, avocados, and coconut oil. Substituting these carbs with friendly fats for extended periods forces the body to switch fuel sources eventually. Your body starts using ketone-molecules instead of glucose for fuel, helping you burn more stored fat each day. These same ketones have been proven to banish inflammation and protect your body from deadly diseases. Amazingly, this may sound like an efficient way of living longer and burning more fat, yet, there are several severe consequences of following today's popular ultra-low-carb ketogenic diet. Even worse is that if you are in your 40s, 50s, or 60s, it aggravates your hormones, even more, magnifying these symptoms. To enter the metabolic state known as "ketosis," the side effects are so intense the scientific and medical communities have nicknamed it the keto flu.

These side-effects include:

  • Reduced physical and mental performance
  • Digestive discomfort and constipation
  • Bad breath
  • Brain fog
  • Muscle weakness and fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • Insomnia
  • A rapid decline in thyroid and leptin hormones.

When you look at it in this manner, you will realize that even if you do have the discipline to survive the dreaded keto flu, it's practically impossible to stay in true "ketosis." This is because you can never eat carbs, you can never eat your favourite fruits, and you can never enjoy your favourite alcoholic beverages.

The traditional ketogenic diet's severe restrictions make it impossible to adhere to long enough to reap the true benefits, especially if you are over 40 years old. This type of arrangement will require that you sacrifice all your favourite foods and give up your social life for months at a time. Fortunately, it does not have to be this way! Imagine how it can be if you could still get all the amazing benefits of the keto diet, such as:

  • Protection from diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer'sAlzheimer's disease.
  • Increased mental focus and clarity
  • Clearer, younger-looking skin
  • Anti-ageing benefits
  • Boosts in daily energy
  • Accelerated fat loss
  • Zero cravings for sugar, salt, or other fattening foods.

The even better news is that you will not have to give up carbs, fruits, alcohol, and desserts. In a nutshell, this system will introduce you to a system where you can easily avoid the negative side-effects of the keto flu while still enjoying your favourite foods using the one easy hormone-boosting "diet hack."

What is the Over 40 Keto Solution?

This is a 7 pounds in 7 days formula specifically designed for the metabolism and hormones of people in their 40s, 50s, and 60s to lose up to one pound each day. With this program, you can still eat lots of carbs, all of your favourite foods, sweets and desserts, even your favourite alcoholic beverages. Additionally, you will not have to worry about too much protein from your fatty meats, eggs, and cheese. Here is a little truth that the doctors, dieticians, and "gurus" of today do not understand the 1924 original ketogenic diet: true ketosis is unnecessary for people over the age of forty.

They have misled you into believing that you cannot get all the proven benefits of being on a ketogenic diet unless you are willing to suffer through the constant state of ketosis. According to scientific confirmation, however, there is an evidence-based keto diet hack that upon mastering it, you do not have to eliminate carbs, fruits, cheat food or alcohol for your body to reap all the ant-ageing, fat-burning benefits of ketones. The same fat-eating molecules are responsible for converting your stored fat into a direct energy source without the "keto flu". This means that you can still reap all the amazing anti-ageing therapeutic fat-burning benefits of being in ketosis without giving up foods like bread, potatoes, pasta, fruits, and desserts. If you are in your 40s or over the age of forty, you will be shocked when you try this new innovative keto diet loophole and watch as your hormones are optimized:

  • You will begin to see your belly getting a bit flatter and firmer each day, boosting your confidence and kickstarting new motivation.
  • Your creepy skin will suddenly become soft and subtle for the first time in years.
  • You will quickly fall into deeper restorative sleep each night and wake up feeling refreshed and energized, ready to take on the day.
  • The lines around your eyes and lips will begin fading away.
  • Your stiff joints and body aches will start to disappear, helping you wake up pain-free every morning.
  • Your energy levels and mental focus will remind you of the time when you were still a teenager.

It will be as if your body is ageing backwards. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or a keto veteran; you can use this system to lose 10, 20, and even 30 pounds or more. All you need to ask yourself is, are you stopping your body from burning fat and fighting deadly diseases? Here are some of the indicators of hormonal imbalance, according to Rush University Medical Center:

1.      Do you suffer from belly bloat or have fat-storage in unusual areas of your body—like your upper & lower belly region, lower back, hips, love handles, or backside?

2.      Do you have menopausal symptoms such as "hot flashes," vaginal dryness, insomnia, or depression?

3.      Have you experienced a drop in your libido, sexual desire, or do you have erectile dysfunction?

4.      Do you have frequent late-night cravings for sugar or salt?

5.      Do you have dry, scaly skin or frequent hair loss?

6.      Do you suffer from poor memory, mental fatigue, or lack of motivation?

7.      Have you experienced a decrease in strength & muscle tone?

This is the most powerful keto weight-loss secret ever discovered for people in their 40s, 50s and 60s. This discovery is so powerful and effective that it will transform your body and save your life. It is a secret that will help you lose seven pounds of pure belly fat in the first seven days. in the next few weeks, you will be able to lose another 18 pounds reversing 100% of your symptoms from cancer, menopause or even pre-diabetes. This solution will save you from a lifetime of resorting to deadly prescription medicines, surgeries, and dangerous hormone replacement remedies. The solution will miraculously transform your menopause belly from flabby to firm in less than eight weeks!

The 7-Day Keto Carb-Cycling Blueprint

This is a 7-day plan that starts with three fat-burning rules that you will need to follow:

Over 40 Fat-Burning Rule #1: You must increase ketone production- Strategic eating high-fat keto foods on certain days and specific times increases your body's ketone production. This will automatically ramp up fat-burning in the belly region and reduce inflammation to protect your body from deadly diseases. This book will provide you with two simple strategies that will help you boost ketone production. These two strategies are much easier and more realistic to adhere to than trying to stay in constant ketosis.

Over 40 Fat-Burning Rule #2: You must intentionally eat more hormone-boosting high-carb foods- The majority of foods forbidden on the regular keto diet are precisely what your body needs to rebuild and produce fat-burning hormones adequately. All you need to do is ensure that you eat them at specific times each week to boost thyroid and leptin hormones. This, in turn, prevents metabolic slowdowns and resets your fat-burning hormones. You should keep in mind that if you are in your 40s, 50s, and 60s when you eat is just as important as what you eat. This book shares the strategy behind this concept, coined these days as Keto Carb-Cycling Days.

Over 40 Fat-Burning Rule #3: You must flatline your body's #1 fat-storage hormone insulin. The strategy behind this is that by pairing your foods together correctly, you will stabilize blood sugar-taking control of insulin. This will boost energy levels, preventing fat-storage and keeping your body in "fat-burning mode" 24/7. When you keep insulin at bay, your body begins to quickly produce ketone molecules again after eating hormone-boosting, high-carb foods.

These three rules lead you to the next question: What are the food combinations to avoid. You must understand the foods to avoid: anytime you eat a high-carb hormone-boosting meal, it is important to keep your fat intake below 20 grams. Although insulin is very anabolic and can help you boost fat-burning hormones and gain lean muscle by increasing glycogen synthesis, insulin will play its role by storing excess fat if too much fat is present in the bloodstream. Consequently, the combination of fat starches and/or sugar should be avoided as possible unless it is a cheat meal. This 7-Day Keto Carb-Cycling Blueprint provides you with a daily meal plan overview, meal samples, and the weekly guidelines you should adhere to. Additionally, it explains how you can ramp up your body's ketone production with intermittent fasting, mentioning two simple intermittent fasting guidelines that you can follow to achieve this. In the book, you will find a chart that gives you simple guidelines to follow to ramp up ketone molecule production when you time your meals each day.

Most people think that skipping breakfast will make you experience hunger, lose muscle, and your metabolism will slow down, but in reality, scientific research points in the opposite direction. This book has a section on intermittent fasting: a summary of the amazing benefits that happen to your body when you use intermittent fasting. Such benefits include:

  • Increased production of ketone molecules (responsible for coaxing your liver and body to use stored fat for fuel)
  • Increased Growth Hormone production (responsible for increased fat burning, fighting the ageing process, increase libido, and preventing muscle loss)
  • Increased Adrenaline levels (adrenaline converts into hormones called catecholamines, which are responsible for releasing stored fat cells into your bloodstream so they can be delivered to working muscles and burned as fuel)
  • Decreased insulin levels (when insulin is chronically elevated increases fat storage and your risk for insulin resistance, which can lead to diabetes)
  • Optimized ghrelin levels (this hormone helps eliminate hunger and cravings)
  • Increased resting metabolic rate (RMR)
  • Autophagy (internal cellular cleansing, which has been shown to reduce inflammation and fight against developing cancer cells and even Alzheimer'sAlzheimer's)
  • Increased neurotransmitters (these brain hormones help increase focus and mental clarity)
  • Decreased emotional attachment to eating every few hours helping improve your relationship with food.
  • A deeper relationship with God and increased spirituality (if you're a Christian or believer, fasting shows your creator that you are relying on him for all your needs—instead of eating food every few hours)

This section also provides information on what you should drink during intermittent fasting, ketone-producing breakfast snacks, food requirements, and the ideal serving sizes.

11 Belly Bloat Elimination Tricks

This is another component of the Over 40 Keto Solution. It provides tips on how to beat the belly bloat. This is a good opportunity for you to understand how stress increases your body's hormones that affect water retention and water weight. This book provides up to eleven top tips that will help you get rid of belly bloat. Examine the emphasis keenly on regular exercise because sweating is your body's fastest way to eliminate water. This means that you do not remove water loaded with toxins from your system when you fail to exercise. Learn about the actions you should take when it comes to exercising. While everyone talks about how healthy fruits and vegetables are, you must avoid fruits and veggies if you want to burn more belly fat. In this book, you will encounter the specific fruits and vegetables that you should stay away from completely if you want to lose belly fat all the way.

Kitchen Prep & Restaurant Cheat Sheets

Here, you will get over 40 Keto Solution Grocery list and the top ten ketone producing foods, including:

  1. Coconut Oil
  2. Avocados
  3. Raw Nuts & Seeds
  4. Olive Oil
  5. Salmon
  6. Grass-Fed Butter
  7. Full Fat Greek Yogurt
  8. Eggs
  9. Grass-Fed Beef
  10. Berries

You must pick one or two days of the week to do all your grocery shopping since planning is critical to your success.

One of the biggest complaints most people have about keto diets is that energy levels crash initially while adapting to the diet plan. Coconut oil (along with keto carbs) can help alleviate energy dips by providing a fast-releasing energy source from super fats. What'sWhat's more, coconut oil has a higher thermic effect on food than other fats, meaning your body will burn more calories simply breaking it down compared to if you had consumed another form of dietary fat. This leads you to net fewer calories overall and, as a result, lose weight faster. While most fats take a long time to break down and release their energy, coconut oil is released almost immediately. The results? You get fueled up very similar to how you would if you had eaten carbohydrates. This is just about coconut oil. There are lots of information on each of the listed foods above and why you should incorporate them into your diet.

Additionally, this section will cover the 30 food swaps to transform your kitchen from fat-storing foods to fat-burning foods. These include meat and fish, dairy, oils, nuts, seeds and legumes, grains, pasta and bread, drinks, sweeteners, salt, and extra swaps. At the end of the guidebook, you will find some simple hacks to satisfy your cravings. Have you ever heard of restaurant cheat sheets? Almost every restaurant has some meat or fish-based dish you can choose from. All that really needs adjusting are the side dishes you choose and any potentially offending sauces or high-carb salad dressings. But remember, certain foods like potatoes, rice, beans, oats, pasta, corn, peas, and carrots contain more starchy carbs, so you should avoid these vegetables unless it's a high-carb refeed dinner or a cheat meal on the weekend. If you do order these particular hormone-boosting carbs, make sure to get any cheese, ketchup, or sauce included on the side. Simply by ''dipping'' your food into your favourite sauces will still give you the flavour, but you'll cut your calorie intake in half.

The Over-40 Keto Solution is one of the easiest to make work in a restaurant setting, and you will learn exactly how to this from the cheat sheets provided.

The Keto Plateau Buster Meal Planner

This is the next part of the Over 40 Keto Solution. This plan is set apart from many others by the incorporation of a back-to-back Grapefruit Deplete day twice weekly. These days are specifically designed to keep glycogen stores lower and force your body to burn fat as a source of energy while increasing and sparking your metabolism through the strategic use of grapefruit. Learn about the main secret of this plan that is the key to effectiveness.

Quick Start Checklist

This is a simple, comprehensive, yet easy-to-follow list for you to get a fast start without being overwhelmed and confused.

Yes, I Want Over 40 Keto Solution!

Frequently Asked Questions

The product is 100% natural and safe, with no side effects. This system has been designed to work for everyone regardless of age, gender or current weight. Users can get a 100 percent money-back policy if the product does not work.
Some sites will try to draw you in by claiming you can download Over 40 Keto Solution for free. Their page titles might be something like, “Over 40 Keto Solution Free Download PDF“. Then, you get to the site, and they try to justify it by saying it’s “risk-free”. Well, to me risk-free and FREE aren’t the same thing! While you can technically try Over 40 Keto Solution risk-free because of the 60-day money back guarantee, you still need the money up front to buy it in the first place so it isn’t free. Over 40 Keto Solution is not a free program and any site claiming a free download is either not being totally honest with you or is providing illegal copies, neither of which is good.
This is indicative of sites that usually use a title to their page that says something like, “Over 40 Keto Solution: Another SCAM!?!” or something of that nature. In other words, when you search for Over 40 Keto Solution in Google or another search engine, these sites show up with those types of titles in the listings. Sometimes these sites will also use what I call the “Fear Factor” in their headlines which is something like, “Over 40 Keto Solution: OMG So Bad!”. This is often nothing more than an attempt to draw you into their site by making you think they used the product and had a really bad experience with it. How do I know these are fake and not real scam alerts or legitimate complaints? Because the title cries SCAM!!!!! or a really horrible experience, but then you go to the page and read the review and it’s always an extremely positive, glowing review about how great Over 40 Keto Solution is. In these instances, they only use the word SCAM to try and draw you into their site because they know if they say something is a scam or a terrible program, you’ll probably click on their link to find out more about it, right? A legitimate bad experience or a real scam alert to help protect consumers is one thing, but don’t fall for this type of trickery and trust your gut when the headline/page title and review don’t match. No real Over 40 Keto Solution review will cry SCAM or claim it’s a terrible program in the title only to offer up a review that says the complete opposite.

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