Th his new edition of Professional Cooking is the most extensively revised yet. Readers of earlier editions will find new information in virtually every chapter. At the same time, the book has retained the core material that has made this text the standard reference and learning tool in its field for more than 20 years. The fifth edition introduced a new and modern design that made the text not only more appealing to the eye but also easier to use.The range of new material in this sixth edition, added to that modernized design, now makes this the most comprehensive and most useful culinary arts text to date.


Many important additions have been made to Professional Cooking to make it even more useful and versatile. These changes have been made, in large part, in response to input from instructors, students, and other readers. Communication from readers has always been valuable in helping the text adapt to the evolving needs of users.Among the most important additions and changes are the following:

• A new chapter devoted to vegetarianism and cooking for the various types of vegetarian diets has been added. In addition, recipes suitable for a vegetarian diet are indicated by a symbol throughout the book. Further information on the use of this symbol is on page 661.

This blue logo indicates recipes that were developed and tested by Le Cordon Bleu.

New information on topics ranging from nutritional information to the cultural backgrounds of new recipes from international cuisines has been added in sidebars throughout the text.

Coverage of the history of modern food service has been expanded.

Concepts of flavor building and flavor profiles have been added to the discussion of basic cooking principles.

The information on menus, recipes, and cost management is now its own chapter.

Now in a dedicated chapter, nutrition information has been updated to incorporate new nutritional guidelines as well as the new food pyramid.

The vegetable chapters have been expanded and revised to incorporate ingredients and preparations that have become mainstream in more recent years.

The information on potatoes and cooking them is now its own chapter, and cooking with legumes, grains, pastas, and other starches is covered separately.

Breakfast preparation and dairy and beverages are now found in their own dedicated chapters.

The chapter on food presentation and garnish has been revised to reflect current ideas on plating and presenting finished recipes.

Recipes from various international and regional cuisines are now integrated throughout the book.

More than 100 new recipes have been added, bringing the book's total to about 1,200.

Many new photographs have been added to all sections of the book, illustrating even more clearly the techniques and procedures necessary in the modern kitchen. New identification photos of key ingredients are also included.

This red logo indicates recipes I have developed llfc^ and tested.

This blue logo indicates recipes that were developed and tested by Le Cordon Bleu.


The recipes in this book are planned and organized to reinforce the basic skills the student is learning. In each case, specific recipes follow a discussion of theories, guidelines, and general procedures applicable to a defined category of foods and/or cooking methods. Students are encouraged, by means of recipe variations, to see how they can apply these procedures to other ingredients, and to see the similarities and differences among preparations.

Attention to the basics has always been the hallmark of the text. Because the purpose of the text is to teach fundamental cooking techniques, it is important to illustrate these tech-niques—and to allow the student to experience them—with fundamental, straightforward recipes that reveal the connection between general theory and specific application in the most direct way. Many new recipes have been added to this edition to provide updates and alternatives that will achieve these goals.

While basic preparations illustrating fundamental principles are the core of the recipe collection, the book builds on these primary techniques to include more advanced styles of preparation. More challenging recipes, including many new to this edi

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