What Is Garnish

The word garnish is derived from a French word meaning "to adorn" or "to furnish." In English,we use the word to mean "to decorate or embellish a food item by the addition of other items." The word is used also for the decorative items themselves.

This definition, at first, seems vague because it could include just about anything.To many people, the word garnish means a sprig of parsley haphazardly placed on the plate. Just as common is the practice in some restaurants of adopting a single garnish and using it routinely on every plate,from prime rib to batter-fried shrimp. No one garnish is appropriate for every plate, just as no one side dish is appropriate for every plate.

In fact, the term garnish has been used for a great variety of preparations and techniques in the history of classical and modern cuisines.Today, the use of parsley sprigs on every plate has become rare, and we are again using the word garnish in a more traditional way.

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