Veal Cutlet Sauté Gruyère

Top each cooked cutlet with 1 or 2 thin slices of tomato and a slice of Gruyère cheese. Pass under a broiler to melt cheese. Serve with tomato sauce placed under the cutlet or in a ribbon (cordon) around the cutlet.

Schnitzel à la Holstein

Top each portion with a fried egg and 4 anchovy fillets placed around the edge of the egg.

Veal Cutlet Viennese Style (Wiener Schnitzel)

Top each cutlet with 1 peeled lemon slice and 1 anchovy fillet rolled around a caper. Garnish the plate with chopped hard-cooked egg white, sieved egg yolk, and chopped parsley.

Veal Parmigiana

Top each cutlet with 2 fl oz (60 mL) tomato sauce, a slice of mozzarella cheese, and 2 tbsp (30 mL) parmesan cheese. Pass under a broiler to melt cheese.

Veal Cordon Bleu

Use 2 thin 2-oz (60-g) cutlets per portion. Sandwich 1 thin slice ham and 1 thin slice Swiss cheese between 2 cutlets. Pound edges lightly to seal. Bread and fry as in basic recipe.

Breaded Pork Cutlets

Cutlets from pork leg or loin may be breaded and pan-fried like veal. They must be cooked well done.

Veal Cutlet, Viennese Style

Veal Scaloppine alla Marsala

Portions: 10

Portion size: 4 oz (125 g)




252 lb

1.25 kg

Small veal scaloppine:


20 pieces, 2 oz (60 g)

each.(See Figure 11.9


for preparation of veal.)

to taste

to taste



to taste

to taste

White pepper

for dredging

for dredging


2 fl oz

60 mL



4 fl oz

125 mL

Marsala wine


8 fl oz

250 mL

Strong white stock, veal or


chicken (see note)


2 oz

60 g

Butter, cut in pieces

2 tbsp

30 mL

Chopped parsley


Per serving:

Calories, 360; Protein, 27 g; Fat, 26 g (65% cal.); Cholesterol, 115 mg;


Carbohydrates, 2 g; Fiber, 0 g; Sodium, 120 mg.


Lightly flatten each piece of veal with a meat mallet. Do not pound hard, or you may tear the meat.

Dry the meat, season it with salt and pepper, and dredge in flour. Shake off excess. (Do not do this step until immediately before cooking.) Heat the oil in a large sauté pan until very hot. Add the veal and sauté over high heat just until lightly browned on both sides. (If necessary, sauté the meat in several batches.) Remove the meat from the pan and drain the excess oil.

Add the Marsala to the pan and deglaze. Add the stock and reduce over high heat by about half. Add the pieces of butter and swirl the pan until they are melted and blended with the sauce.

Add the veal to the pan and bring just to the simmer. Turn the meat to coat it with the sauce.

Serve immediately, 2 pieces per portion, sprinkled with chopped parsley.

Carbohydrates, 2 g; Fiber, 0 g; Sodium, 120 mg.

Note: Brown sauce may be used instead of white stock. However, the stock makes a more delicate product without masking the flavor of the veal.

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