Many other fish may be baked according to the basic recipe, such as

Haddock (fillets or steaks) Pike (fillets) Snapper (fillets) Perch (fillets)

Bass (fillets) Flounder (fillets)

Other appropriate sauces may be used, such as

Halibut (steaks or fillets) Bluefish (fillets) Mackerel (fillets)

Salmon (fillets or steaks) Swordfish (steaks) Whitefish (fillets)

Melted butter Beurre noisette Maitre d'hôtel butter

Tomato and tomato-based sauces such as Creole (not for salmon or for very delicate fish like flounder) Mustard (for strong-flavored fish only, such as mackerel or bluefish) Curry (not for salmon or other fat fish)

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