For a darker color and heavier smoke flavor, leave the sausages in the hot smoke until their internal temperature is 152°F (67°C), and do not poach them. Spray them with cold water after removing them from the smoker to keep them from shriveling.

Cured Garlic Sausage

Dry the sausages for 24-48 hours (step 7). Omit the hot smoking and simply poach, cool, and refrigerate them as described in steps 8 and 9.


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Prague Powder #1 cold smoking certified pork


1. Explain how salt helps preserve meats.

2. Nitrites and nitrites are both used to cure meats.Explain how their use differs. Against which food-borne disease are they important in protecting cured foods?

3. Explain why smoked meats are first cured.

4. Describe the basic differences between fresh, cured, and smoked sausages.

5. What are the four basic kinds of ingredients in sausage meat? List ways this basic formula can be changed to create different types of sausages.

6. Why should sausage meat be kept cold when it is being ground and processed?

7. Describe the procedure for preparing natural sausage casings for stuffing.


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