Omit onion, carrot, and celery. Reduce oil to 8 fl oz (250 mL). Add fresh chopped parsley and basil to taste. Meat Sauce

Brown 2 lb (1 kg) ground beef, ground pork, or a mixture of beef and pork, in oil or rendered pork fat. Add 8 fl oz (250 mL) red wine, 2 qt (2 L) tomato sauce, 1 qt (1 L) beef or pork stock, and parsley, basil, and oregano to taste. Simmer 1 hour, uncovered. Tomato Cream Sauce

Use butter instead of olive oil in basic recipe. At service time, add 1 cup heavy cream per quart of tomato sauce (250 mL per liter). Bring to simmer and serve.

Tomato Sauce with Sausage

Slice 3 lb (1.4 kg) fresh Italian sausage and brown in oil. Drain and add to basic tomato sauce. Simmer 20 minutes. Tomato Sauce with Sausage and Eggplant Prepare like Tomato Sauce with Sausage, but use 11/2 lb (700 g) each sausage and peeled, diced eggplant. Tomato Sauce with Ham and Rosemary Cook 1 lb (450 g) ham, cut into fine dice, and 2 tbsp (30 mL) dried rosemary leaves in a little olive oil for a few minutes. Add to basic tomato sauce (after it has been passed through the food mill) and simmer 5 minutes.

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