Rillettes of Duck, Goose, Rabbit, Turkey, or Chicken

Substitute any of the above meats for all or part of the pork. Lean meats should be cooked with additional pork fat to supply enough rendered fat to blend with the shredded meat.


garde manger aspic jelly aspic powder chaud-froid sauce mayonnaise chaud-froid forcemeat garnish (pâté) pâté terrine pâté de campagne pâté en croûte pâte à pâté galantine mousseline forcemeat mousse foie gras rillettes


1. Explain how to slice a meat terrine.

2. Why are mustards and vinaigrettes often served with pâtés and terrines?

3. What are three purposes of using aspic as a coating or glaze for cold foods?

4. Describe how to make mayonnaise chaud-froid.

5. Describe how to melt and cool aspic jelly.

6. What are the basic ingredients in a typical pork forcemeat?

7. How are raw livers prepared for use in forcemeats?

8. What is the purpose of pouring a layer of melted fat over a terrine after baking?

9. What is the difference between the terms mousseline and mousse, as used in this chapter?

10. What are the four basic steps in the production of a molded mousse? Why is it important to perform these steps quickly?

11. Why is it important not to overcook foie gras?


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