Using Bases

Bases can be improved with little labor by simmering the diluted or made-up product for a short time with some mirepoix, a sachet, and a few bones or meat trimmings if possible.This helps give a fresher, more natural taste to a highly processed product.

Bases are also added to stocks to supplement them when only a small quantity of stock is on hand.

Bases are sometimes added to weak stocks to give them more flavor, but this is not as good a practice as making the stock properly in the first place.

Using bases requires taste and judgmentjust as other areas of cookery do. If used without care and restraint, bases can detract from the quality of your cooking. But, used carefully, they can be a valuable tool in some situations. Always taste and evaluate as you cook.

There is no substitute for a well-made stock. But it is also true that a good base may be better than a poorly made stock. It all depends on the skills you are learning now.

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