Uidelines for Making Dressings

1. All ingredients that require cooking must be completely cooked before combining with other dressing ingredients. They will cook very little more during baking or roasting.

2. Cool all ingredients before combining to avoid growth of dangerous bacteria.

3. Never let baked or unbaked dressing stay in the Food Danger Zone (41° to 135°F/5° to 57°C) longer than 1 hour.

• Refrigerate unbaked dressing if it is not to be baked immediately.

• Hold baked dressing above 135°F (57°C) for service or chill as rapidly as possible.

• Reheat baked dressing rapidly in oven or steamer to an internal temperature of 180°F (82°C).

4. Bake dressing in shallow pans (2 in/5 cm deep) for rapid cooking, to get it above the Danger Zone quickly.

5. Do not overmix bread dressings, or they will become pasty. Toss ingredients together lightly.

6. For light texture, do not pack dressings into baking pans; instead, spoon loosely.

7. If you stuff poultry instead of baking the dressing separately, fill the birds loosely. Do not pack. Stuffings expand during cooking.

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