Steam Tile Trunnion Kettle

Steam kettles range in capacity from 2 gallons to over 100 gallons. Some large institutional kettles hold 4,000 gallons. Tilt or trunnion kettles can be tilted for emptying, either by turning a wheel or by pulling a lever. Nontilt kettles are emptied by a spigot and drain on the bottom. Heat is controlled by regulating the steam flow or by adjusting

Small tile (trunnion) kettle Courtesy of Vulcan Hart Company.

Large floor-model steam kettle Courtesy of Vulcan Hart Company.

the thermostat. Steam may be from an outside source or self-generated. Exercise caution when operating all steam equipment. Steam can cause serious burns.

Clean immediately after use to avoid food drying on surfaces. Disassemble the spigot and drain,and clean with a bottle brush.

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