Types Of Dough

Dough mixtures for quick breads are generally of two types:

1. Soft doughs are used for biscuits.These products are rolled out and cut into desired shapes.They are mixed by the biscuit method.

2. Batters may be either pour batters,which are liquid enough to pour, or drop batters, which are thicker and drop from a spoon in lumps.

Most quick-bread batters are mixed by the muffin method, except for drop bis-cuits,which are mixed by the biscuit method, and some rich cakelike muffins and coffee cakes,which are mixed by a cake-mixing method called the creaming method.The biscuit and muffin methods are presented in this chapter. The creaming method is presented in Chapter 32, along with other cake methods.

The muffins and loaf breads in this chapter should be thought of as breads rather than as tea cakes.They are lower in fat and sugar than some of the rich, cakelike muffins sometimes seen.

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