Pullman or sandwich loaves of white bread are most frequently used for simple sand-wiches.These are long, rectangular loaves that provide square slices of specified thickness, from z/8 inch to % inch (10 mm to 16 mm) thick.

Commercial sandwich bread should be of fine rather than coarse texture and firm enough to accommodate spreads well. Supermarket white bread is unsuitable because it is too soft for spreading and for holding most fillings, and it becomes pasty in the mouth. Because of its neutral flavor,white bread is suitable for the largest variety of fillings. Other kinds of breads add variety and interest, provided that they harmonize with the filling.The following are some possibilities:

Rolls, including hard and soft rolls, hamburger and hot dog rolls, long rolls for submarine sandwiches French or Italian bread and rolls, including sourdough and ciabatta, split horizontally Whole wheat

Cracked wheat Rye and pumpernickel Pita bread Raisin bread Cinnamon bread Fruit and nut breads Focaccia

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