Type of Institution

Each kind of operation has a different menu because each serves the needs of a different clientele.

Hotels must provide a variety of services for their guests, from budget-minded tourists to businesspeople on expense accounts, from quick breakfast and sandwich counters to elegant dining rooms and banquet halls. Hospitals must satisfy the dietary needs of the patients.

Schools must consider the ages of the students and their tastes and nutritional needs.

Employee food services need menus that offer substantial but quickly served reasonably priced food for working customers.

Catering and banquet operations depend on menus that are easily prepared for large numbers but that are lavish enough for parties and special occasions. Fast-food and take-out quick-service operations require limited menus featuring inexpensive, easily prepared, easily served foods for people in a hurry. Full-service restaurants range from simple neighborhood diners to expensive, elegant restaurants. Menus, of course, must be planned according to the customers' needs.Trying to institute a menu of high-priced,luxurious foods in a café situated in a working-class neighborhood will probably not succeed.

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