Trimming Loss Calculating Yields And Amounts Needed

The percentage yield of a vegetable indicates, on the average, how much of the AP weight (as purchased weight) is left after pre-prep to produce the ready-to-cook item, or EP weight (edible portion weight).You can use this figure to do two basic calculations.

1. Calculating yield.

Example: You have 10 lb AP brussels sprouts.Yield after trimming is 80 percent. What will your EP weight be?

First, change the percentage to a decimal number by moving the decimal point two places to the left.

Multiply the decimal by your AP weight to get EP yield. 10 lb x 0.80 = 8 lb

2. Calculating amount needed.

Example: You need 10 lb EP brussels sprouts.What amount of untrimmed vegetable do you need?

Change the percentage to a decimal number.

Divide the EP weight needed by this number to get the AP weight.

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