The Sharpening Stone

A stone is the best tool for sharpening a chef's knife.The best electric sharpeners do an excellent job of sharpening chef's knives, but many models wear away too much of your expensive knife without making a good edge.You may not be lucky enough to have ready use of a good electric sharpener, so it is important to know how to sharpen a knife on a stone.

Follow these guidelines:

1. Hold the blade at a constant 20-degree angle to the stone, as shown in Figure 7.1.

2. Make light, even strokes, the same number on each side of the blade.

3. Sharpen in one direction only to get a regular, uniform edge.

4. Do not oversharpen.

5. Finish with a few strokes on the steel (see next section), then wipe the blade clean.

Figure 7.2 illustrates one of several sharpening methods.There are other good ones, too,and your instructor may prefer a method not illustrated here.

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