The Flow of Food

HACCP begins with a concept called the flow of food.This term refers to the movement of food through a food service operation, from receiving through the various stages of storage, preparation, and service, until it gets to the final consumer.

The flow of food is different for each item being prepared. Some menu items involve many steps. For example, a luncheon dish of creamed chicken and vegetables over rice might have the following steps:

Receiving raw ingredients Cooking

(chicken, vegetables, cream, rice, etc.) Storing raw ingredients

Preparing ingredients (washing, cutting, trimming, etc.) Reheating,holding, and Coring leftovers

Holding and serving Cooling and storing leftovers

Even the simplest items undergo several steps. For example, a cake that is bought already prepared from a commercial baker and served as dessert will go through at least the following steps on its way to the customer:

Receiving Storing Serving

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