Terrines And Other Molds With Gelatin

All the terrines we have discussed so far are traditional cooked terrines—that is, the raw forcemeat is cooked in the mold.There are many kinds of uncooked terrines as well.These are not cooked after assembly but are chilled until set. Any ingredients that require cooking are cooked before assembly. The terrines we discuss in this section rely on gelatin for their structure.

Preparing these items in terrine molds allows them to be cut into slices for serving, just as traditional forcemeat terrines are.They can also be made in molds of any other shape, including portion-size molds, which can simply be unmolded and garnished for serving. Cooked terrines, on the other hand, are best made in regularly shaped, symmetrical molds so they cook uniformly.

Most molds bound with gelatin fall into two general categories: those based on aspics and those based on mousses.

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