Temperature Control

The object of broiling is not just to cook the meat to the desired doneness but also to form a brown, flavorful, crusty surface.

The goal of the broiler cook is to create the right amount of browning—not too much or too little—by the time the inside is cooked to the desired doneness. To do this, he or she must broil the item at the right temperature.

In general, the shorter the cooking time, the higher the temperature, or else the meat won't have time to brown.The longer the cooking time, the lower the tempera-ture,or the meat will brown too much before the inside is done.

Cooking time depends on two factors:

1. The desired doneness.

2. The thickness of the cut.

In other words,a well-done steak should be cooked at a lower heat than a rare one. A thin steak cooked rare must be broiled at a higher temperature than a thick one cooked rare.

To control the cooking temperature of a broiler, raise or lower the rack. On a grill, set different areas for different temperatures and grill meats in the appropriate area.

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