Tangerine Marinated Breast of Duck

Portions: 12 U.S.

Metric Ingredients



Boneless duck breast halves,


skin on, about 6 oz (180 g)


112 oz

45 mL

Shallots, chopped fine


1 fl oz

30 mL

Soy sauce

4 fl oz

120 mL

Tangerine juice

12 tsp

2 mL

Grated tangerine zest


14 tsp

1 mL


14 tsp

1 mL

Crushed star anise

With a sharp knife, score the duck skin in a diamond pattern. Cut through the skin and into the layer of fat but not into the meat.

In a nonreactive container, combine the shallots, soy sauce, tangerine juice and zest, cinnamon, and star anise and mix together.

Add the duck breasts, turning them to coat on both sides. Refrigerate 2-4 hours.

Remove from the marinade. Pat dry the breasts with clean towels. Discard the marinade and any pieces of star anise clinging to the meat.

Pan-fry the breasts skin side down in a sauté pan over moderately high heat for about 6 minutes, until the skin is well browned and crisp and much of the fat has rendered. Turn over and pan-fry another 4 minutes. The breasts should still be rare.

Remove from the pans and let rest 5 minutes in a warm place.

1 lb 8 oz 720 g Wheatberries with Pecans

(p. 630, prepared without poblanos)

as needed as needed Microgreens

12 fl oz 360 mL Oriental Vinaigrette (p. 725), optional

7. Place 2 oz (60 g) wheatberries on each plate.

8. Cut each duck breast diagonally into thin slices. Fan the slices out, leaning them against the mound of wheat berries.

9. Top the wheatberries with a small mound of microgreens. 10. If desired, drizzle a little vinaigrette onto the plate around the duck breast.

Per serving:

Calories, 320; Protein, 31 g; Fat, 15 g (43% cal.); Cholesterol, 165 mg; Carbohydrates 13 g; Fiber, 2 g; Sodium, 280 mg.

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