Submarine Sandwich

Yield: 1 sandwich U.S.

2 tbsp 1 oz

1 oz



Submarine roll Mayonnaise

Salami, cut in thin slices Ham, cut in thin slices Bologna, cut in thin slices Provolone cheese, cut in thin slices Tomato slices Onion slices, very thin Green bell pepper rings

Split the roll horizontally, but leave it hinged on one side. Spread the roll with mayonnaise. Arrange the meats and cheese in the sandwich in layers. If the slices of meat are too wide to fit, fold them in half. Arrange the tomato, onion, and pepper slices on top of the meats and cheese.

Close the sandwich. Leave it whole or cut it in half for service.

Serve the sandwich with mustard and olives or pickles on the side.

Per serving:

Calories, 770; Protein, 28 g; Fat, 51 g (60% cal.); Cholesterol, 85 mg; Carbohydrates, 50 g; Fiber, 5 g; Sodium, 1650 mg.

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