Stovetop Steaming

The simplest method of steaming is to place the item on a rack above simmering liquid, cover the pan, and steam until done. Because it does not come in contact with seasoned liquid or fat during cooking, steamed seafood is usually delicate in flavor, even more so than submersion-poached seafood. For this reason, this method is usually used when the cook wants to emphasize the pure,natural taste of the best-quality seafood. Three methods are available to season and flavor steamed seafood:

1. Apply salt and other seasonings directly to the item.

2. Season the steaming liquid with aromatic herbs and other ingredients. The steam rising from the liquid carries a little of the aroma to the fish.This method gives only the subtlest and most delicate flavors to fish and is most effectively used with mild-tasting seafood.

3. Serve the seafood with an appropriate sauce. Accompaniments as simple as melted butter and lemon wedges are classic accompaniments to steamed seafood.

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