Storing And Handling

Keep in a cool, dry, dark place, ideally at 55°-60°F (13°-16°C). If they will be used quickly, you may keep them at room temperature.

Do not refrigerate.Temperatures below 45°F (7°C) convert potato starch to sugar. Refrigerated potatoes must be stored at 50°F (10°C) for two weeks to change the sugar back to starch.

New potatoes do not keep well. Purchase only one week's supply at a time. Potatoes begin to turn brown as soon as they are peeled.To prevent browning, place potatoes in cold water as soon as they are peeled. Potatoes may be peeled in advance and stored a short time under water, although some nutrients will be lost.

Remove all green parts when peeling potatoes (see "Checking for Quality" above).

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