Fresh bread is essential for top-quality sandwiches. Stale or dry bread is undesirable.

The following measures can be taken to ensure freshness.

1. Daily delivery, or as frequent as possible, depending on your location. Bread stales rapidly, and day-old bread has lost much of its freshness.

2. Keep bread tightly wrapped in moistureproof wrapping until it is used.This prevents drying and guards against absorption of odors.

3. French bread and other hard-crusted breads should not be wrapped, or the crusts will soften.These breads stale rapidly and should be used the day they are baked.

4. Store at room temperature, away from ovens or hot equipment. Do not refrigerate, because refrigerated bread becomes stale faster.

5. If bread must be kept more than one day, it may be frozen.Thaw frozen bread without unwrapping.

6. Day-old bread may be used for toasting without loss of quality.

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