Steaming And Mixed Cooking Techniques

The recipes in this section are included here because they are difficult to classify as one of the basic cooking methods, although they are all based on moist-heat methods. Most of the recipes have two characteristics in common:

1. The item cooks in its own juices and,usually, a small amount of added liquid.

2. The item is served with its flavorful cooking liquid.

In some cases, enough liquid is added to barely cover, and the item simmers. In other cases, little liquid is added and the item cooks in the steam trapped by the pot lid.

The French term etuver (ay too vay) is used for this kind of procedure, in which the item cooks slowly in very little liquid.The word is usually translated as "stew," but this may be misleading. More precisely, it means "to cook or steam in its own juices" or "to sweat."

Note that all the procedure variations in this section are moist-heat cooking methods, but that the items are not submerged in liquid but rather steamed in an enclosed container. For this reason, simple steaming procedures are also discussed in this section.

In addition, this section includes two traditional recipes for dishes made with cooked seafood.

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