Static and Cycle Menus

A static menu is one that offers the same dishes every day.These menus are used in restaurants and other establishments where the clientele changes daily or where enough items are listed on the menu to offer sufficient variety. A static menu may be in place indefinitely, or it may change at regular intervals, such as every season, every month, or even every week.

Some restaurants use a menu that is part static and part variable.This means they have a basic menu of foods prepared every day, plus daily specials to offer variety without putting too much strain on the kitchen.The daily specials may take advantage of seasonal produce and other occasionally available foods the chef or purchaser finds in the wholesale market.

A cycle menu is one that changes every day for a certain period;after this period, the daily menus repeat in the same order. For example, a seven-day cycle menu has a different menu every day for a week and repeats each week.This kind of menu is used in such operations as schools and hospitals, where the number of choices must be kept small.The cycle menu is a way of offering variety.

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