Squid, usually referred to on menus by their Italian name, calamari, are classified as mollusks, even though they have no external shell.They are soft-bodied animals somewhat resembling octopus, but they have 10 tentacles, 2 of them longer than the others.

Squid must be skinned and eviscerated.The head, beak, and the internal plastic-like quill are discarded.The hollow body and tentacles are eaten. Figure 14.10 illustrates how to clean squid.

Somewhat chewy, squid are cut up and either fried quickly or simmered for about 45 minutes in a seasoned liquid or sauce.

Note: The similar cuttlefish has a shorter, thicker body than does squid. Instead of a thin, transparent interior quill,it has a hard, chalky cuttlebone.

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