Special Forcemeat Dishes

This section is concerned with classic meat and poultry dishes called pâtés, terrines, and galantines. Some terrines are based on vegetables and other items rather than meats, but these are the subject of a later section.The main ingredients of the items discussed here are a forcemeat and, usually but not always, a garnish.

A forcemeat may be defined as a mixture of seasoned,ground meats used as a stuffing or filling.The name comes from the French word farce,which means stuffing.

The garnish in a pâté or terrine is not just a decoration but a major ingredient that adds body, flavor, and nutritional value as well as appearance. Garnish usually consists of meats or other foods cut in dice, strips, or other shapes, or left whole if they are small. Classic pâté garnishes include:

Ham Game

Veal Fresh pork fatback

Chicken, duck, or turkey breast Tongue

Chicken, duck, or goose livers Pistachios

Foie gras Truffles

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