Smoking Sausages

The procedure for smoking sausages is the same as for smoking other meats (see Figure 26.3). Refer to page 828 for basic information on smoking and follow the instructions in individual recipes. Note in particular the following points:

1. Only cured sausages should be smoked.

2. The sausages should be dried briefly before being smoked, like other smoked foods (see p. 828). Hang them so that air can circulate around them and allow to dry for about 1 i/2 hours or as indicated in the recipe.

3. Hot smoke or cold smoke as indicated in the recipe. Air-dried sausages to be eaten raw are cold smoked. Sausages that are sold cooked are generally hot smoked. After smoking, they are usually poached to an internal temperature of 160° to 165°F (71° to 74°F),then cooled quickly in ice water and blotted dry.

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