Skate wings, top view (left) and bottom view (right)

Type: Fat.

Varieties: Mako shark is the variety usually used.

Characteristics: Firm texture, similar to swordfish,but softer and a little moister and with finer grain; less expensive. Has cartilage skeleton, no bones. Usually cut into steaks.

Also known as ray. Type: Lean.

Characteristics: May be sold whole, but often only the triangular wings are marketed. Skeleton is cartilage,not bone;tough skin, gray on top,white on bottom. Flesh consists of sweet, white, gelatinous strips of meat extending the width of the wings; two fillets per wing, one above and one below the cartilage.

Weight: Some varieties weigh up to a ton, but most sold for food weigh 1 to 4 lb (0.5 to 2 kg) per wing.

Striped bass

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