SO g 500 mL



Shallots, chopped Flavorless oil, such as canola, corn, safflower, grapeseed

1. Combine the chopped shallots and the oil in a jar. Shake well.

2. Let stand for 30 minutes. Refrigerate.

3. The oil is ready to use as soon as it has taken on the desired flavor, which may be in 1-2 hours. After 2 days, strain the oil through a paper coffee filter. Store in the refrigerator.

Per 1 ounce:

Calories, 240; Protein, 0 g; Fat, 27 g (100% cal.); Cholesterol, 0 g; Carbohydrates, 0 g; Fiber, 0 g; Sodium, 0 mg.


Ginger Oil, Horseradish Oil, or Garlic Oil

Substitute ginger root, horseradish, or garlic for the shallots in the basic recipe. For best results, chop the ginger or horseradish very fine in a food processor or grate with a fine-holed grater. For garlic oil, substitute olive oil for the flavorless oil desired.

Lemon or Orange Oil

Substitute 3-4 tbsp (30 g) grated lemon or orange zest for the shallots in the basic recipe.

Rosemary Oil, Sage Oil, Thyme Oil, or Oregano Oil

Substitute 3 V2 oz (100 g) chopped fresh rosemary, sage, thyme, or oregano for the shallots in the basic recipe.

Cinnamon Oil, Cumin Oil, Curry Oil, Ginger Oil, or Paprika Oil

Substitute 3 tbsp (45 mL) of one of the above ground, dried spices for the shallots in the basic recipe. In a small pan, combine the spice with just enough of the oil to make a thin paste. Heat gently just until the spice starts to give off an aroma. Be careful not to burn the spice. Paprika, especially, darkens quickly. Add the spice mixture to the remaining oil. Let stand, refrigerate, and filter as in the basic recipe.

Basil Oil, Parsley Oil, Chervll Oil, or Cilantro Oil

Select the desired quantity of one of the above fresh herbs. Drop into boiling water. Blanch for 10 seconds. Drain and refresh under cold water. Drain again and pat dry with towels. Put the herbs in a blender and add a small amount of olive oil. Blend to make a paste. Measure the volume of the paste and add 4 times that volume of olive oil. Shake and let stand. Refrigerate and strain as in the basic recipe.

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