With a few exceptions, such as hamburgers and hot dogs, sandwiches are cut before serving. Cutting serves two purposes: It makes the sandwich easier to handle and eat, and it makes possible a more attractive presentation.

The first purpose is usually accomplished by simply cutting the sandwich in half or, if it is very large or thick, into thirds or quarters.

The second purpose can be served by displaying the cut edges rather than the crust edges to the outside. If the sandwich was neatly made, of good ingredients, and tastefully garnished, it will be appetizing and attractive. Little purpose is served by cutting and arranging the sandwich in complicated ways.

Hamburgers and other uncut sandwiches may be presented open-face to display the attractive ingredients. For example, a hamburger version often called a California burger is presented with the meat on the bottom half of the bun and, alongside, a lettuce leaf and a slice of tomato on the top half of the bun.

Hot sandwiches prepared to order offer the same challenges for creative and attractive presentation as other hot foods, as discussed in Chapter 28.The most important factors in the presentation are using good, fresh ingredients and preparing them with care, using proper techniques for cooking meats, poultry, fish, vegetables, and any other components of the sandwich.

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