Seasonings And Flavorings

Nearly any herb or spice can be used in salad dressings. Fresh herbs are preferable to dried herbs as flavorings, especially when the dressings are used for simple, light mixed green salads. Remember that dried herbs and spices need extra time to release their flavors if they are not heated in the product.This is why most dressings are best made at least two or three hours before serving. Review Chapter 4 to refresh your memory on the use of herbs and spices.

Other ingredients added for flavoring include mustard, ketchup,Worcestershire sauce, and various kinds of cheeses.

A note on blue cheese and Roquefort cheese: Many restaurants sell what they call Roquefort dressing when it is actually blue cheese dressing. Roquefort is a brand name for a special kind of blue cheese made in Roquefort, France. It is made of sheep's milk, has a distinctive taste,and is expensive. Do not use the term Roquefort for blue cheese dressings unless you are actually using this brand of cheese.

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