As with roasting, chefs disagree on when to season. Some feel that meats should not be seasoned before broiling.This is because salt draws moisture to the surface and retards browning. Others feel that seasoning before broiling improves the taste of the meat because the seasonings become part of the brown crust rather than something sprinkled on afterward.

Generally, if you have a professional broiler that has been properly preheated, it is not difficult to brown meat that has been salted. Low-powered broilers such as those found in home kitchens, on the other hand, do not get as hot. In such cases, it is better to salt after broiling, not before.

One way around this problem is to serve the meat with a seasoned butter (p. 179). Another option is to marinate the meat in seasoned oil 30 minutes or more before broiling. Be sure to dry marinated meats well before placing them on the broiler.

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