Sauting Panfrying And Griddling

If you review the general definitions of sautéing,pan-frying, and griddling in Chapter 4, you will see that the differences among these methods are largely a matter of degree. Sautéing uses high heat and a small amount of fat and is usually used for small pieces of food. Pan-frying uses moderate heat, a moderate amount of fat, and is usually employed with larger items, such as chops. But at what point does moderate heat become high heat and a small amount of fat become a moderate amount of fat? It is impossible to draw an exact dividing line between sautéing and pan-frying.

Each time you cook a piece of meat, you must judge how much heat and how much fat to use to do the job best.This depends on the kind of food and the size of the pieces. Following are guidelines to help you make the right judgments.

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