Breakfast sausage is simply fresh pork that has been ground and seasoned. It is available in three forms: patties, links, and bulk.

Because it is fresh pork, sausage must be cooked well done.This does not mean,how-ever, that it should be cooked until it is just hard, dry, shrunken little nuggets, as it often is.

Most kitchens cook sausages by the same methods as bacon. For volume service, sausage is partially cooked in the oven and then finished to order. Link sausages hold better than patties because the links are protected from drying by their casings.


yolk shirred over medium custard white sunny side up over hard quiche shell basted frittata breakfast sausage curdle over easy soufflé


1. Which grade of eggs would you choose to prepare poached eggs? hard-cooked eggs? fried eggs? scrambled eggs? Why?

2. Is it possible to prepare hard-cooked eggs in a pressure steamer? Give reasons for your answer.

3. When separating eggs, many chefs advise breaking them one by one over a small bowl, then transferring each white to the larger bowl as it is separated. Can you give a reason for this advice?

4. Give two reasons for being careful not to add too much vinegar to egg poaching water.

5. In the recipe for waffles,what is the purpose of beating the sugar into the egg whites rather than combining it with the other dry ingredients?

6. What special precautions might you take if you were making French toast from thick slices of French bread?

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