Rotisserie broilers cook meats and other foods by turning them slowly in front of electric- or gas-powered heating elements. Even though classical cooking theory categorizes spit-cooking as roasting,these cookers are more closely related to broilers in that the foods are cooked by the infrared heat of the elements.

Although they are especially suitable for chicken and other poultry,rotisseries can be used to cook any meat or other food that can be held on a spit or in any of various attachments or accessories.

Both enclosed (ovenlike) rotisseries and open or unclosed units are available. Small units hold about 8 chickens, and sizes range all the way to very large models that can hold as many as 70 chickens.

Because the heating elements are on the side (or sometimes above), the fats and juices don't drip into the flames as they do with grills. Drip pans catch juices, which can be used for basting or gravy making.

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