Rocedure for Preparing Classic Aspic Jelly

Test the stock for gelatin content. Ladle a small amount of cooled stock onto a small plate or saucer and refrigerate.

• If the stock becomes firm, no additional gelatin is needed.

• If it sets but is not firm enough, add about V2 oz or 2 tbsp (15 g) powdered gelatin per quart (liter) of stock, or 2 oz (60 g) per gallon (4 liters).

• If it does not set at all (which is unlikely if the stock is properly made) but merely becomes thicker, add about 1 oz or 4 tbsp (30 g) powdered gelatin per quart (liter), or 4 oz (125 g) per gallon (4 liters). In this case, you will actually be making regular aspic jelly (see next section) rather than classic aspic jelly.

Add the gelatin by first stirring it gradually into a little cold water, avoiding making lumps, and letting it soften. Then add the softened gelatin to the stock.

2. Clarify the stock as for consommé. For white aspic (made with white stock), omit the carrots in the mirepoix.

3. After the stock is clarified, remove all traces of fat. The aspic jelly is now ready to use.

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