Rocedure for Making Coffee in an

Be familiar with your equipment. Models differ in details.

Check to make sure the urn holds sufficient fresh water at the proper temperatures for brewing. Fit the filter securely in place.

Spread a measured amount of coffee evenly in the filter. An even bed is necessary for uniform extraction.

Pass the correct amount of water through the ground coffee. If the urn is manual, pour the water slowly in a circular motion. If it is automatic, all you need to do is make sure the nozzle is in place. Keep the top covered during brewing to retain heat.

Remove the filter with the used grounds as soon as brewing has been completed. Leaving the grounds in the urn results in overextraction and bitterness.

Mix the coffee. Because the coffee at the bottom is stronger, you must draw out some of it—about 1 gallon (4 liters) per pound (500 grams) of coffee—and pour it back into the top of the urn. Hold at 185° to 190°F (85° to 88°C) for up to 1 hour. Clean the urn thoroughly after use.

Using special urn brushes, clean the inside of the urn as well as inside spigots and glass gauges. Rinse and fill with several gallons of fresh water if the urn is to stand for a time. Empty and rinse with hot water before next use.

Twice a week, clean thoroughly with urn cleaning compound, following manufacturer's instructions.


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Twin urn

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