Rocedure for Making Bread Crumbs

1. For fresh bread crumbs, use bread that is one or two days old. If the bread is fresh, its moisture content will make it difficult to process into crumbs without making gummy wads of bread. For dry bread crumbs, lightly toast the bread in a warm oven until the bread is dry but not browned. Do not use stale bread, which has an off flavor.

2. Trim off crusts to make crumbs of a uniform light color.

3. Cut or tear the bread into smaller pieces.

4. Depending on the quantity, place the pieces in a food processor or a vertical cutter/mixer. Process until the crumbs are of the desired fineness.

5. For dry bread crumbs of uniform size, pass the processed crumbs through a sieve (also called a tamis). See page 60.

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