Remouillage is a stock made from bones that have already been used once to make stock.The literal meaning of the French term is "rewetting." Because not all possible flavor and gelatin is extracted from bones when making a stock, making a remouillage allows the chef to extract a little more value from the bones.The resulting liquid will not be as clear or flavorful as the original stock, but it does have some uses.A remouillage can be used for soups,for braised dishes, and in place of water for making stocks. It can also be reduced to a glaze and used for enriching sauces, soups, and braising liquids.

To make a remouillage, discard the mirepoix and herb sachet after draining a finished stock.Add fresh mirepoix and sachet to the bones, cover with fresh cold water, and simmer about 4 hours. Drain and cool as for regular stock.

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