Pay careful attention to receiving procedures:

• Schedule receipts so an employee can devote full attention to checking the shipment without being rushed.Try to schedule deliveries so they don't arrive at the same time. If the employee receiving the goods has kitchen duties as well, schedule deliveries during off hours so there is adequate time to check the shipments.

• Check the delivery immediately, while the driver is there. Don't allow the driver to unload the shipment and depart, leaving the order on the loading dock.

• Compare the delivery invoice to the order forms to make sure the right goods are delivered.

• Compare the delivery invoice to the actual goods received, to make sure you have received everything you are paying for.A scale should be present at the receiving entrance so items can be checked for proper weight.

Check the delivery for quality:

• Check the temperature of refrigerated goods.

• Check the temperature of frozen goods, and check for signs of thawing and refreezing.

• Check all perishables for freshness.

• Check all containers and packaging for damage.

• Immediately transfer all goods to proper storage.

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