Pt Pastry Pte Pt

Yield: 1 lb 12 oz (900g)

U.S. Metric Ingredients

■ Procedure

1 lb 500 g Flour 4 oz 125 g Butter 31/2 oz 100 g Lard

1. Place the flour in a large mixing bowl. Add the butter and lard. Rub them in until no lumps of fat remain.

1 1 Eggs 3 fl oz 100 mL Water, cold m tsp 7 mL Salt

Per 1 ounce:

Calories, 120; Protein, 2 g; Fat, 7 g (53% cal.); Cholesterol, 20 mg; Carbohydrates, 20 g; Fiber, 0 g; Sodium, 140 mg.

2. Beat the eggs with the water and salt until the salt is dissolved.

3. Add the liquid to the flour mixture. Mix gently until it is completely absorbed.

4. Gather the dough into a ball. On a work surface, knead the dough for a few minutes until it is smooth.

5. Place the dough in a pan and cover with plastic film. Refrigerate until needed, or at least 4 hours.

Figure 27.3

(a) Collapsible molds are used to make pâtés en croûte because they can be removed from the mold without damaging it. Assemble the mold and grease the inside well.

(d) Roll the double thickness of dough into a rectangle the size of the mold. Open the pocket.

(b) Lightly roll the pastry into a rectangle, keeping it thick.

(e) Fit the dough into the mold. Carefully work it to fit snugly. A ball of dough dipped in flour helps fit the dough into the corners without tearing it.

(c) Work the dough into a boat shape. Dust heavily with flour and fold the dough lengthwise to make a pocket.

(f) Partially fill the mold with forcemeat and arrange the garnish according to the instructions in the specific recipe.

(g) Finish filling the mold, mounding the forcemeat slightly.

(h) Fold the ends and then sides of the dough over the top of the forcemeat, trimming the dough so it meets in the middle. Eggwash the dough.

(i) Roll out and cut the top pastry and fit it in place, making sure it is sealed well to the dough below it. Eggwash. Make holes in the top and fit pastry tubes in them to serve as chimneys to allow the escape of steam and to prevent melted fat from bubbling over the top crust as the pâté bakes.

(j) After the pâté has baked and cooled, pour liquid aspic through the chimneys to fill the spaces left when the forcemeat shrank during baking.

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