Proportions Of Roux To Liquid

Table 8.5 indicates the quantities of roux needed to thicken 1 gallon or 4 liters of liquid to thin, medium, and thick consistencies.

Table 8.5

Roux Proportions in Sauces






Thin or light Medium Thick or heavy

6 oz/190 g 8 oz/250g 12 oz/375 g

6 oz/190 g 8 oz/250g 12 oz/375 g

12 oz/375g 1 lb/500 g 11/2 lb/750 g

1 gal/4 L 1 gal/4 L 1 gal/4 L

How thick is a thick sauce? Obviously, these are not precise, scientific terms that can be defined easily. Experience can be the only teacher in this case.This is another good reason to practice with roux and water, so you can,with experience,produce the exact consistency you want.

You also have available the techniques of dilution and reduction to adjust the consistency of a sauce (see p. 166), and you will learn how to use beurre maniƩ and other thickening agents.

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