Procedure for Weighing Ingredients on a Portion Scale

Place receiving container, if any, on the scale. Set the scale so that it reads zero.

Add the item being weighed to the container (or place on scale, if no container is used) until the scale reads desired weight.

To be able to weigh ingredients, you must observe the difference between AP (as purchased) weight and EP (edible portion) weight.

AP weight is the weight of the item as purchased, before any trimming is done. EP weight is the weight after all inedible or nonservable parts are trimmed off.

Recipes sometimes specify which weight they are referring to.When they don't, you must judge from the instructions.

1. If a recipe calls for "2 lb potatoes" and the first instruction is "scrub, peel, and eye the potatoes," then you know that AP weight is called for.

2. If the recipe calls for "2 lb peeled, diced potatoes," then you know that EP weight is called for. You will need more than 2 lb AP

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