Procedure for Lining a Mold with Aspic Jelly

Many instructions for lining molds say to chill the mold, then pour in a little liquid aspic jelly and turn and tilt the mold until the bottom and sides are coated. This method works and is suitable for some purposes, but it does not produce a smooth, even layer of aspic.

It is not always necessary to line a mold with aspic. Many aspic molds are made by first pouring a thin layer of aspic into the bottom of the mold, chilling it, then adding layers of ingredients (vegetables, meats, mousses, and so on) and covering each layer with a little aspic. The mold is chilled after each layer is added to allow the aspic to set. As long as the layers of solid ingredients are not allowed to touch the sides of the mold, the liquid aspic will fill in these spaces and, in effect, line the mold.

If a mold must be lined with a perfectly even thickness of jelly, the following method is used (see Figure 27.2):

1. Press the mold into a bed of crushed ice so that the ice comes all the way to the top edge.

2. Fill the mold with cooled liquid aspic jelly. Leave the mold in place for 10 seconds. Immediately remove the mold from the ice and quickly dump out the jelly that is still liquid. If the layer of jelly remaining inside the mold is too thin, repeat. If it is too thick, remove it, clean the mold, and repeat the procedure, leaving the mold on ice for less time.

3. Decorate the inside of the mold as desired by dipping decorations in liquid aspic and arranging them in place. Chill. Then fill the mold with the selected food product.

Figure 27.2

Lining a mold with aspic jelly.

Figure 27.2

Lining a mold with aspic jelly.

(a) Bury the mold up to the rim in crushed ice. (b) Fill the mold with liquid aspic. (c) After 10 seconds, quickly but smoothly pour out the aspic that is still liquid.

(d) An even layer of aspic jelly lines the mold, as can be seen by comparing it with an empty mold.

(e) At this point, you can decorate the mold by dipping vegetable cutouts in liquid aspic and carefully setting them in place in the mold.

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